To be the best technical education institute that produces industry acclaimed students.

Brightminds Institute of Technology

  • First technology institute to have more than 60% of its faculty with Doctorates.
  • First institute to have more than 80% placement year on year.
  • First institute whose library has more than 34,000 books and is open round the clock.
  • First institute which is fully WiFi enabled.
  • Has the largest campus in the country.

Upcoming Campus Recruitment

During the Campus Recruitment week, the following companies will visit BIT Campus

  • MEXICAN Technologies  - 16.Jan
  • CHEMA Pharmaceuticals - 16.Jan
  • MECHO Turnings - 16.Jan
  • BEARINGS International - 17.Jan
  • INNUNDATE Solutions - 17.Jan
  • FIZLE Innovations - 19.Jan